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“There are talented performers who can deliver amazing entertainment, and others who can convey inspiring messages. Elizabeth McCain has a rare talent for doing both. In her solo show, she shares powerful stories from her own life with Southern charm, gentle humor, and vulnerability that will melt your heart. It is easy to identify with Elizabeth’s stories, even if you’re not a beautiful, wildly talented lesbian, like Elizabeth, herself.”
 – Stephanie Garibaldi
Education Director, Story District, DC

“What could be more inspiring in the halls of National Cathedral than the experience of healing a wounded heart? Elizabeth McCain’s workshop,”Letting Go – The Freedom of Forgiveness” made for an unforgettable experience in guided imagery, introspection, and fellowship with other participants. Elizabeth’s compassion and encouragement nurtured the seeds of trust- to let go and have the freedom to love myself and others through forgiveness. Thank you, Elizabeth!”  

– Annette Evans, Educator and Writer

“Elizabeth McCain is a gifted storyteller who brings her Southern charm to all her autobiographical tales. She celebrates the importance of self discovery, family, and self acceptance. Her characters are lively, eccentric, and humorous. She will make you laugh and cry and give you a tale that will stay with you for a long time.”

– Anne B. Thomas, Professional Storyteller, 2013 National Storytelling Festival Slam Champion, Featured Performer on The Month, StoryCorps Speakeasy DC Solo Series