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Story is the heart and soul of Elizabeth McCain’s work as a storyteller, story coach, solo performance artist, spiritual counselor, and Interfaith minister. She is also the author of a compelling memoir, A Lesbian Belle Tells OUTrageous Southern Stories of Family, Loss, and Love, published in 2020, soon after the pandemic began. Nominated for best lesbian memoir of 2021 by the Golden Crown Literary Society for women loving women and the Lambda Literary organization for LGBTQ+ writers, Elizabeth’s memoir is about her true stories of growing up in Mississippi, coming out in Washington, DC in the 1990s, family estrangement, and finding love and belonging. It is written with heart and humor from Elizabeth’s perspective as a storyteller, humorist, and keen cultural observer. And it’s dripping with Southern charm and drama, as only a lesbian belle can tell!

Elizabeth began her career as a psychotherapist, workshop leader, and spiritual guide for women and LGBTQ+ folks over thirty years ago. She has supported many people in their coming out journeys and their grief in finding the courage to live their authentic lives. Elizabeth came out as a “lipstick lesbian” at the age of thirty, which was a surprise to everyone, including herself. It is quite a story, which she boldly tells with humor and vulnerability in her one-woman show, “Queer Porch Stories: OUTrageous Confessions of a Southern Lesbian”, formerly titled “A Lesbian Belle Tells”. She performed her show in 2014 in the Capital Fringe Festival and in Baltimore in the Charm City Fringe Festival, where it won best solos show in both festivals. Elizabeth has also performed in The DC Queer Theater Festivals, in government agencies’ LGBTQ+ Pride events, Story District shows at the Lincoln Theater, Story Extreme shows, HRC shows, The DC Moth Slam, Grapevine Storytelling series of Takoma Park, Risk Storytelling show, Atlas Intersections Festivals, Baltimore’s Stoop Storytelling Series, as well as at theaters in Asheville, North Carolina, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and at spiritual retreats in Mexico and Ireland. Her most unusual venue where she performed in November 2023, soon after her 60thbirthday, was at her hometown’s funeral home director’s chapel, near Tupelo, Mississippi.

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In 2009, Elizabeth completed an Interfaith Studies program and was ordained as an Interfaith minister from The Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley, California. She has given sermons and taught workshops on loss, forgiveness, and slowing down for soul care at All Souls Unitarian Church, and The Metropolitan Community church in Washington, DC, and in various Episcopal Churches in Maryland. Elizabeth has officiated for lesbian and gay weddings in Washington, DC. She has volunteered for Montgomery County Hospice in Maryland.

Originally from six generations of eccentric storytelling Mississippians, Elizabeth lives in the Washington, DC area and Asheville, North Carolina.